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Friday, April 15, 2011


I've done it. I've written the first 150 (or so) words of Total Darkness, thus launching me and my new character Taylor on a pretty crazy ride... 


My name is Taylor Jane Bradford. It didn't used to be, though. There was a time when those three words seemed totally different. A time when, after I spent summer's twilight hours with my girls Elizabeth, Cassie and Danielle laying on the stiff, cool rubber of Liz's tall trampoline, I'd hear my mom yodel, "Taylor Jay-ayne!" from our porch next door, like I was part of some song she loved.

A time when everyone in the stadium at Willow Valley High heard a steady, matter-of-fact student voice say, "Your queen is...TJ Bradford," two years in a row at halftime of Homecoming. Those were great times. Times before The Accident. 

Now, when I'm alone, in the halls, on the street, or in the store, even, much of the happiness is gone, replaced by blank, penetrating stares and quick, whispered, "That's Taylor Bradford"'s. 

I'm Taylor, I'm one of four of the most popular senior girls at Virginia's Willow Valley High School. And I'm blind. 

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